talking about history of line (graphic design)

tell them the cultural of the history.

My essay is going to talk about graphic design’s memories that’s means graphic design culture from old century to modern times, it’s like a line from the beginning to date they are still Extension and change

Iain McGilchrist(2009) argues that the left and right hemispheres of the brain are distinct and that the right hemisphere is not only more creative but the most important or primary. David Crow Left to Right, the cultural shift from words to pictures (2006) I trying to describe the graphic design cultural from old century to modern times. Introduction: The art of graphics and media design has immensely influenced the culture. A lot of cultural activities have diverted towards a new direction leading to the new technology. Graphic and media design involves the art of communication visually, and solving problems through image, type and space. The art of design and graphics have been used since the ancient times to develop skills. When we look back in history, it is clear that the art of graphic and design was used by apes. The art continues to dominate and changing as a result of evolution. However, despite the several changes that have been encountered recently, the art still shares and resembles many components. A lot of publications have been made through graphic designs to enhance and compose materials. Today, many people/ designers have come up with move designs, which have improved the outlook and appearance of the graphics.

Evolution of graphics and designs

The art of graphics and designs is a system that employed for the antique years of revolution. Before innovations were made, the apes used graphics and designs for their caves, although it was different from the today’s art. According to Balsamo (3), the cultural art has contributed towards great innovations of the new technology. It is interesting to explore the new technology because it is unique compared to the cultural arts. However, it is highly significant to take the culture seriously since technology greatly relies on ethnicity.

While we look at the aspect of art and design innovations, it is clear that technology has taken an upper hand. The idea of the invention has been employed as a creation of distinctive sources that present the future. In this case, the culture is left and forgotten, yet it is the background of innovations. There is a need for people to understand that, culture has an influence and a great relationship with the technology. The technology and culture are distinctive human life spheres (Balsamo, 2011). Many communities in the world live a different or less similar life to other societies. Human life contains a variety of practices, which have greatly influenced the technology.

The human life adapts to the kind of exposure and practices within an environment. The kind of activities that we perform has engaged innovation of the new technology. When we look at most of designs applied today, it is clear that they have borrowed ideas from the culture. As much as we try to adapt to the new technology, culture should not be a hindrance. (Balsamo, 2011) Instead, techno-culture should be the angle of our outlook. Technology depends highly on the culture, they should not be separated under any influence or circumstance.

*****What are the seminal changes in that mark making through time? What happens when the line becomes a language system? What are we doing: recording, registering, remembering, recovering? How might contemporary technologies affect both our memories and the way we create lines?

and I also will talk about this.  the graphic and media design has greatly influenced people’s livelihoods. The new technology has led to both positive and negative reactions.

Lines are great.

Line can be connected to a lot of things.

Connection  art history culture and modern science and technology.


Greta Hauer Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places

Greta Hauer’s lecture on Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places focused on three types of places: Simulated Space, Non-Place and Unreal Space. In my opinions, it was the most provoking lecture in our lectures series so far. When I thought about Hauer’s teaching, the first thing comes up in my mind is simulated space. It always happens in our life, such as playing video games. Simulated space was developed from the real video footage of the wars and people use those videos to make games, such as Call of duty. People who live with playing games, they always think they live in a simulated space that they can play important role in the game. On the other hand, the immersive journalism style of the events intends a greater participation than watching footage on the news; therefore it is expected to have greater affect on the audience to raise the awareness of the situation. For non-place and unreal place, non-places, a space trapped in time. Hauer suggested, like Augé’s did in his book, that non-places have no history because history is objective.  The third type of space that Hauer proposed to the group in her lecture was unreal-space. Hauer’s example was, although predictable nevertheless essential for our understanding, Peter Weir’s ‘The Truman Show’ (1998). To sum up, I found this lecture in credibly stimulating and I loved it.moon

Greta Hauer Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places

Dene October After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion

We are using taste to designate the subjective preference for which there are no objective standards. Fashion is a collective phenomenon and it has an objective to existence apart from any individual. From those points, we can find out that fashion taste comes from everyone’s eyes, we wear clothes with different styles. We can know other people’s fashion taste when we walk on the street, if their tastes are good, we can choose to copy their style. If it is not, we can choose others to not match with their style.

There are some similarities people choose to shop in high street or catalogues. Frist of all, they are using their own taste to choose the products that they like. They also use their eyes to evaluate whether the product is suitable for them or not. The different things are, when people shop in high street, the way they choose their products also go by touching, look at the quality of the products. For catalogues, consumers only choose their products only by look on an image.

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Dene October After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion

Andrea Mason Holding Text: (Un)creative Writing in the Digital Age

“Uncreative writing mirrors the ethos of net neutral advocates, claiming that one way of treating language is materially, focusing on formal qualities as well as communicative ones. … even in their most abstracted form, letters are embedded with semantic, semiotic, historical, cultural and associative meanings.” [Goldsmith, 2011]

In today’s society, art and design has penetrated into all aspects of social life. For example CIS design business is booming on the field there is a close relationship with art and design. In our daily life, art and design applications on the more colorful: from clothing to the web, from jewelry to garden, our food and clothing live everywhere contains the hard work of art designers. It is because of these outstanding works of art designers, we have to accept the information was more colorful, the environment we live in order to be better.

Art and design both for production services, but also for life luster. In short, art and design is to beautify life at work.

I think languages can be experimented, we can also use writing as art, rather than just using writing as storytelling. Materiality of the text represented its meaning through the use of space, arrangement, typography, creativity and spelling that affects both visually and verbally. Letter itself are associated with meanings too, for example all capital letters generally represents shouting. Besides, materiality provides space for readers to imagine all the possibilities of countless unpredictable things. Text can be presented to you in an artistic way, then the text can also be used in an artistic way to express and elaborate, Text and art exist together.

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Andrea Mason Holding Text: (Un)creative Writing in the Digital Age